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This preparatory intensive course is designed for those who are keen to improve their English language proficiency and their band scores.

LiFE Academy offers a range of language proficiency programmes such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) for progression into local  or overseas institutions of higher learning as well as for migration purpose.

If you are seeking to work, study or live abroad, taking an IELTS or PTE-A test will help you in achieving your goals. You will get valuable input and advice on how to tackle the questions in these tests.

PROGRAMME OVERVIEW PTE (Pearson Test of English)

This intensive 2- day course organized by Life Academy is designed to help students get familiarized with all the 20 item types tested in the PTE exam. It focuses on how to achieve the maximum score for each item type.

This preparatory course is strongly recommended for all test-takers as it exposes them to strategies on how to respond to each type of question. The test takers will be taken step by step on the test format for all the four skills (Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading), the assessment and how to interpret the scores.

Preparatory Course:
15 hours over the weekend (Saturday)


IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

This workshop focuses in detail on developing the skills and strategies needed to answer all the FOUR parts in the IELTS examination;

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

Test takers will be taught on how to successfully overcome the exam tricks and apply the tactics for each item types with comprehensive feedback.

For Speaking; students will be exposed to all the three parts in the speaking test. Lots of practices will be given to allow test-takers to speak with absolute confidence.

For Writing; students will be taught the strategies on how to achieve a higher band score in writing for both Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2.

For Reading; students are given intensive practice tests to familiarize themselves with the question types. After the workshop, students will have the knowledge, strategies and skills to achieve a higher band score in the reading part.

For Listening; it focuses on the skills and techniques applied on answering all the four sections in the listening test. As each section becomes progressively more difficult, test-takers are taught how to recognize synonyms and paraphrasing.

Finally, test-takers are tested under timed conditions to experience similar exam situations.

IELTS Workshop
4 Saturdays
10.00 to 5.00pm
15 hours over the weekend (Saturday)


English Enrichment Basic Course

Programme Overview
The English Enrichment Basic Course is an introductory course to help learners make their first steps in learning English. It is designed for students who have little or no exposure of the English language or for those who might want to refresh their language skills. Throughout the course, you will improve your English vocabulary and be able to construct basic sentences. You will also be able to start speaking in English, using proper grammar. You will find the lessons fun and engaging while learning.

What Will I Learn?

    • How to communicate at interpersonal level in everyday life; greetings, introductions, exchange ideas etc.
    • How to construct basic sentences properly.
    • How to ask and answer questions in everyday conversations.
    • Be able to read and understand signboards, notices, advertisements and simple texts.

Course Objectives
The objective is to help adults to communicate in simple English.

    • To be able to use the appropriate language functions in communication with others.
    • To use communication strategies to participate in group and class discussions.
    • To express views and opinions.
    • To make agreements and disagreements.
    • To present information using digital tools.

The objective is to help adults to read and comprehend basic information that is required for daily usage.

Learning outcome:

    • To process information and expand vocabulary.
    • To practice reading skills and pronunciation.
    • To read, respond and discuss the contents of different types of texts.
    • To understand processes and procedures used in daily life.
    • To be able to infer meanings of unfamiliar words.

Topics Covered in the Course:

    • Daily Conversation
    • – Greetings
      – Colours/Numbers/Days/Months/Time
      – Locations
      – Restaurant
      – Telephone
      – Travel
      – Holidays
      – Traditions
      – Basic Needs
    • Becoming Acquainted
    • Grammar
    • Comprehension

Intake Dates
March – June
(17 March – 18 June 2020)

August – Nov
(04 Aug – 05 Nov 2020)

3 months
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (9am-12pm)


Your Trainer
Name: Vilashini Kandaiah

Qualifications: B.Sc ( Hons )
Diploma in TESOL
Master in Education (TESL)
Doctorate in Education (expected in 2020).

Teaching Experience:
Highly committed English language instructor with more than 15 years of teaching experience.
Patient and goal oriented to assist students from beginner to advanced ESL capacity.
Responsible for curriculum development and the teaching quality of English language programmes. Trained and facilitated students for public speaking. Trainer for IELTS and PTE preparatory courses.